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In-depth access to SoccerPunter gives you the edge to bet like a PRO.

Platinum Membership is highly sought after by professional gamblers, soccer tipsters and sports traders. We help you to make an informed betting decision to increase your probability to win.

Tailor-made for clients whom rely on SoccerPunter analytical widgets for comprehensive soccer statistics and betting odds analysis. Often, our clients have a strategy or secret formula to determine a consistent winning outcome.

Your time is precious, so work smart by setting aside 33 cents a day and upgrade to become a Platinum Member.

Do NOT use the free statistics at your bookmaker's website because it is often biased and too general without detailed analysis. Why would they help you win?

Uncover big data trends and opportunities through real-time analytical widgets across our website in the left and right sidebars (1X2 Odds movement, Superior H2H statistics, H2H Home Advantage, Top Football Clubs, Worst Football Clubs etc).

Many Platinum Members have become successful in their betting endeavours. Click here for their reviews.

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Benefits and Privileges of Platinum Membership
  1. Technical Analysis by analyzing the betting odds from top bookmakers in Asia and Europe such as bet365. Access vital odds movement consisting of the opening odds history and the daily soccer odds fluctuation for pre-match and Live In-Play 1x2, Asian Handicap, Total Goals Over/Under, HT/FT, Correct Score, Double Chance and many more. Odds archive available for matches from Year 2013. You can easily identify the dropping and rising odds

  2. Fundamental Analysis through H2H statistics which analyzes and evaluates the past seasons results and highlight the team form, past results and player stats. Through charting and graphs, you will know so much more than an average punter.

  3. Volatile Odds Movement in 1x2, Asian Handicap and Total Goals Over/Under are screened round the clock by our high frequency system. Identify the soccer matches with abnormal odds behavior.

  4. LIVE Real-time match statistics. Access to important Live In-Play information such as team ball possessions, dangerous attacks, number of corner kicks, goal kicks, offsides, shot on targets, shot off targets, shots blocked, fouls committed etc.

  5. Advanced Analytical tools help in saving your precious time and effort in finding what you need quickly and easily. Access the complete listing of Superior H2H Statistics, H2H Home Advantage, Top Football Clubs and Worst Football Clubs, Team With 100% Home Win, Top Draw Teams, Good Home Teams, Poor Away Teams.

  6. No pop-up advertisements. Stay focus on your analysis with no interruption.

  7. Arbitrage also know as Sure Bets. It is an effective way to make guaranteed profits without losing your money.

  8. Favourite Tipsters Consensus Picks Alert. Receive an email alert when a specific number of your favourite soccer tipsters have the same prediction on the football match. You can gain confidence when they echo the same thoughts. Save time and effort comparing the various soccer tipsters' predictions.

  9. Potential fixed matches to caution and remind you of adversity. According to our computer algorithms, match fixing might occur to these football matches with highly unusual odds movement prior to kick-off.

  10. Exclusive access to view soccer tips from the top 100 soccer tipsters in the competition. Learn from the experts who do it best. Follow and view the predictions in the SoccerPunter Tipsters Competition and receive email alerts whenever your favourite tipsters posts a prediction. Exclude Premium Soccer Tipsters.

  11. Soccer Pick of the Day. It shows the match with the most number of predictions in tipsters competition. So you will know the majority of the tipsters are picking which team to win.

  12. Exclusive access to view the full head-to-head past results for every match. Easy to understand soccer analysis before you bet with your bookmaker.
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Top Customer Reviews

A place to develop yourself
By oscarjustin96 on 1 July 2020
Soccerpunter is place to be as a forecaster, i recommend this site for all forecaster all over the world. Soccerpunter helps you as a forecaster to develop your and makes you a top class forecaster of soccer in the world.
Soccer punter is flexible
By synonyms on 28 June 2020
I newly joined but I discovered that everything in soccer punter is flexible
I know my feature is bright here in soccer punter as the game begins
Platinum package is still have to do your due diligence.
By leftie on 22 June 2020
I have been using platinum package for nearly a month now and it's been very helpful...the match of the day is usually nice for rollover also all the notification and better statistics...I like it, I'll soon try vip and see how it goes.
By dottyboy on 14 June 2020
Platinum Membership provides you useful information, it's an incredible site with great service and features.
green with soccerpunter
By kon11.ami05 on 9 June 2020
just joining now. i hope i get lots of greens with the help of soccerpunter
deep outlet
By jkl1116033 on 9 June 2020
extremly acurate so guys do the better wise sign up to soccerpunter
Platinum Membership Thoughts
By jnginyah on 7 June 2020
It looks great given that there are various markets to choose from. The best intriguing part about the membership is that the platform offers top-notch picks, of which I have first-hand knowledge about! Keep up Soccer Punter Team!
Platinum Member
By twinmy88 on 6 June 2020
The Platinum membership is one of the best services I have ever come across when it comes to Sports Betting. Especially the Potential Fixed Match Alert. Thumbs Up Guys ?
Sport punting know how
By jaycee199 on 1 June 2020
To be a very successful soccer punting strategist , lots of guts is involved . You must be ever ready to take reasonable risks and maximize profitable opportunities.Hit when its hot, then relax and observe . Truly soccer punting is a lot of fun.
By Patricku on 30 May 2020
Great site, great service, provides you useful information, increase your chance of success, makes a difference in the predictions
Platinum member
By Gg001 on 21 May 2020
Hy guyz , it's my first time subscription , I wona have a taste on it and share more info. About it later . Opz all my lost money will be back now .
Just Joined Platinum
By Johnvsn on 20 May 2020
Already read very positive reviews about it, soon hopeful to triumph like others!
By valtonh on 19 May 2020
Thanks soccerpunter you are the best.
Great service
By Guestnumber7 on 17 May 2020
Semoga bisa merubah nasib dan bisa terus menjalin kerja sama yang baik dengan situs ini
Very useful and practical
By rohogiscb on 15 May 2020
Platinum Membership provides you useful information, increase your chance of success, makes a difference in the predictions
By Pablov3000 on 9 April 2020
Platinum membership provides you of very useful information. You have the tools. It's up to you now.
Good site
By Asbryt on 19 March 2020
thanks, it's an incredible site....great service and the features are useful
By macoy168 on 15 March 2020
It was great to see a player's bets....Make it your game
By eurosportmoney on 11 March 2020
Great service value for your money . Transparent results with dedicated punters
Gives You an Edge
By Millomaniac on 19 February 2020
The features are really useful. you clearly have an edge and an improved chance of success.
PLATINUM Memebrship
By Kmakokha on 19 February 2020
This platinum membership is the idea one as you get alerts for possible fixed matches with dropping or increasing odds it makes you make the right guided choices great for a trying tipster like me
Best prediction website so far
By kosilannaidoo17 on 14 February 2020
Hopefully I will get more experience using this website.
best prediction website
By Beebah1102 on 11 February 2020
It was a pleasure to subscribe to platinum membership. Hoping it will be a wow experience.
best prediction site so far
By lyvysnox72 on 11 February 2020
cool decision. it was the best thing that i did... i will continue purchasing the membership
The best platform
By josephamarh on 9 February 2020
SoccerPunter is a very good platform to understand the games and choose a right prediction that suits a particular game. It's the best platform around... I just returned and I'm going to stay here.
everyday winning
By ikehokechukwu on 7 February 2020
ever since I join this platform , my betting experience and income
Going for gold
By sikuade on 4 February 2020
Just purchase platinum membership waiting for confirmation hope it will be the best decision I ever take
Great site
By onyekaemenalo on 1 February 2020
Just subscribed because I Know that it will be a great experience so I will encourage anyone who's interested to go sign up
Soccer punter all the way
By Papalin on 29 January 2020
Just subcribe the best decision ever make hope to get my lost on bets back
by dinhquand2q
By dinhquand2q on 29 January 2020
It was great to see a player's bets....Make it your game
best thing
By lyvysnox on 29 January 2020
cool decision. it was the best thing that i did... i will continue purchasing the membership
Good bookie comparison odds
By bronze on 28 January 2020
I like comparing the odds available on the different bookmakers and also to see where prices have dropped since the opening odds.
best choice
By Kanonieris on 27 January 2020
very glad that im a platinum member. all thanks to soccerpunter. best decision!
Soccerpunter is real!
By Anointedgabby on 26 January 2020
I am a first time subscriber. with all the testimonials i hope to enjoy the best soccer predictions. God bless soccerpunter and all its clients.
Best thing since sliced bread
By Yulle on 24 January 2020
i just bought plat membership... best decision ever. buy yours now, wont regret it
I love soccer punter
By mdymoney on 22 January 2020
Actually it wasn't easy for me but now that I've subscribe for soccer punter platinum membership with hope I believe
I should be able to see the difference in my predictions.
I love this site
By davidc on 14 January 2020
Soccerpunter Is the site in the world that make people to benefit form soccer
Wnning guaranty
By akinlarry1972 on 11 January 2020
It's good to be a returning customer. Soccer punter is a good platform to become a good game picker. Thanks for you good work soccerpunter. You guys are the best and more grease to your elbow.
By sunnytex2014 on 7 January 2020
Soccerpunter is the best site ever. With what I'm seeing I believe there will be a position gains. God bless soccerpunter.
Nice Ground to horn your Skills and be smart again
By Uzyben123 on 3 January 2020
The website is one of its kind. It's a vital ground for grooming potential skills and also hitting the bookmakers harder. However, this is a football prediction where anything can happen. Consequently, combining forces along with good heads gives all punters leverage to taking advantage of available opportunities at a glance.
Helpful tools
By Jack00 on 2 January 2020
I like the total bets feature on the predict tab as it helps you to place a bet based on what soccerpunter tipsters think.
great to be back
By bethife on 1 January 2020
i was here few years ago but i lost access to my old account
i'm glad to be back here, hopefully am going to start winning like i always do
thumbs up soccerpunter!!!
Analytics per excellence
By maytex1 on 25 December 2019
The technical analysis is exceptional. This is the best site I have used and using this site there is so much statistical information which is really important in order to make the right decisions before you place your bet all in all this site has only increased my wins daily depending on selection and I really love this site I highly rate this site keep up the good work soccer punter I'm seriously making money all down to the analysis of this site thank you again soccer punter
From Sabilasadila
By sabilasadila on 25 December 2019
I Have had huge and numerous loses,just after subscribing yesterday, I won, it's amazing,all thanks to soccerpunter, looking forward for more.
By udoka
By udoka1992 on 22 December 2019
I just subscribe for platinum membership, hoping for a good business
Platinum Membership is Awesome
By Dominar2019 on 2 December 2019
Platinum Membership is cool i love the tips nice job Soccer punter
By colins on 30 November 2019


I real appreciate soccerpunter for there good job
By ezimakingsley on 30 November 2019
is very good to a platinum member.all my analysis tools are good.a big thanks to soccerpunter
platinum member
By passat2014 on 29 November 2019
I've had more information from this site than I've had from some other sites
By fiveelements1978 on 29 November 2019
By f11b62 on 18 November 2019
Soccer punter is where you get to understand what punting is all about then master it effectively.
By kiaried on 5 November 2019
Just joined and look forward to fruitful partnership!
By keletxi on 3 November 2019
I just purchased platinum membership yesterday, and they literally make betting easier. I've had more information from this site in one day than I've had from some other sites on months
By Manu2020 on 1 November 2019
This is the best site I have used and using this site there is so much statistical information which is really important in order to make the right decisions before you place your bet all in all this site has only increased my wins daily depending on selection and I really love this site I highly rate this site keep up the good work soccer punter I'm seriously making money all down to the analysis of this site thank you again soccer punter
I Believe
By Bravo007 on 30 October 2019
Just joined hoping for the best. Found you guys online and will refer you guys if I see results
best soccer platform
By chizi120 on 28 October 2019
this is a good platform for newbies that want to learn the trade of football betting with easy, because all fact you need to make your decisions have been provided. keep up the good work.
Good and efficient
By Nyuygui77 on 27 October 2019
This is a very good platform. It has helped me tremendously in analyzing my bets. Thumps up and keep up with the good work.
Been Impressed so far!
By lordbams1 on 27 October 2019
I'm a new customer & still trying to figure how to use the service. But I have been sincerely impressed by what I have seen so far.
Good to be here
By joe19 on 25 October 2019
Just paid for the platinum membership and I hope it will be profitable.
Just Joined
By tigisi on 23 October 2019
I have been keen to find a good site that can help me in soccer match prediction and i hope i have found one in platinum page. My hope and desire is to start winning bets now.
By willysy on 20 October 2019
I really enjoy reading the news from this website. Thanks admin!
Thanks admin for giving me the opportunity to become a platinum member.
By maelish on 18 October 2019
I have just paid my platinum membership fee and i can't wait to start wining because i have lost hugely with other football tips stars. wowwwwww!!!!!!!!! finally have made it being here.
Thanks to the admin.
platinum membership
By fabc on 18 October 2019
I am very glad to be in soccer punter sharing my experience and enjoying free amazing tips by follow tipsters. I have upgraded to a very highly punter since i joined soccer punter and i really believe that if I continue predicting and learning from my follow punter by few months coming I will be genius in soccer prediction.
Platinum membership.
By Wallys on 14 October 2019
Am very happry to be a platinum member,hoping to recover whatever lost,before knowing about soccerpunter,though it has taken me so long to join the platinum trying to make payment without success,but at last,I paid .
Clinged distinction
By Ken4503 on 13 October 2019
The best place to be with amazing tips and more profits always.What a distincted experience in betting and investing wisely.
Winning Ways?
By Derics on 11 October 2019
I know soccer punter is the best place to be when it comes to football prediction, that's why I took a step further to subscribe for the platinum and hoping on the best with you guys.
By askenas_001 on 10 October 2019
I like this platinum membership since we are always alerted of potential fixed matches
platinum membership
By kams on 7 October 2019
its good to be a platinum member. I encourage everyone to join too. I learnt a lot from this group.
Best of the best
By Dokeri on 5 October 2019
This is the best site to try your luck I appreciate you soccerpunter
By Romeo001 on 5 October 2019
Good and best punters from all over the world, the best predictions site to be with.
Wish I can stay on platinum membership for rver
By keboamoore on 1 October 2019
platinum membership to me is the best. It gives the guide and stat needed before predicting. It also makes winning and picking the right team easier. As we know it's football and a little bit of luck is always needed too. But all the same as far as soccerpunter is involved I can hit my hands on my chest for them anytime anywhere
So happy to join platinum member
By slsamg2014 on 1 October 2019
Happy to join the platinum member and hoping it will improve my gaming life.
By Mwangijosem on 29 September 2019
Back in action
Knowing that I'll do better than last time thanks for welcoming back
By Paballo Solomon Kokoma
By p.kokoma on 16 September 2019
I am happy to have joined the platinum plan and looking forward to winning with you, i think is the best winning site.
Best of the BEST
By allannwanjau on 15 September 2019
best of the best though am working hard to be top 10
By sool3131 on 14 September 2019
I look forward to hearing from you.
I think it's a good site
Good experience
By joshuamukwata3 on 11 September 2019
I have just joined you friends, hope to have it well this side. All the best
Good job
By Carolyne77 on 10 September 2019
Starting today am expecting a lot.thanks punter.wining big this time
good experience
By mluna2014 on 10 September 2019
full stats is the best way for bet, also seeing other player's bet I can improve mine.
Looking forward to winning with you
By edwin6702 on 1 September 2019
iam a big fan and also a tipster i have decided to join the platinum platform and see how things go i am expecting much
Please join soccerPunter
By nkakalushalila on 31 August 2019
I've been a big fun of soccerpunter because of valuable match reviews. Now am joining been a member of platinum am expecting much.
best experience
By Tueinixon on 28 August 2019
i once became a platinum member but i can say that experience has brought me again to subscribe unmatched services by soccepunter Keep it up
Looking forward to winning with you
By Jsigadah on 26 August 2019
I am happy to have joined the platinum plan and looking forward to winning with you. Thank you so much.
Great work
By onyi901 on 22 August 2019
I'm happy to be here, am sure with the good soccer analysis, is a win win
Good to be back
By kemewest on 14 August 2019
Happy to be back

Just want to start winning again with soccerpunter
By petros1 on 13 August 2019
with high hope am back after testing round all available site on soccer prediction, am now settled with SOCCER PUNTER.
By Mastakilla on 12 August 2019
it is a cool betting and match analysis platform. You are cool
Great Home of Punters
By diplomatmighty on 11 August 2019
It's a great privilege to be back.. This is a home for the best to show Case their talents.. am back for winning
Best I ever used
By flyingvikings on 11 August 2019
I am back now fully after a long time. I am back to winning. Soccer punter is the very best out there and I will post my winnings with time...
By Livingstone25 on 8 August 2019
this is my first time hope to make huge profits excited
Platinum member
By lukekelly0824 on 5 August 2019
This is my first time to subscribe, i hope i am going to like and enjoy it here
Here is good
By Adisa86 on 3 August 2019
Here is good than any other predicting site only what you need to do is to librate your self all is well
Welcome back new season of great footbal
By aligaconsult on 3 August 2019
Am very happy to be back again

I would like to thank the management for there tireless work of providing with the best practical website where we gain experience on sport betting.

Wish everyone the best
new member finally
By punyam1984 on 31 July 2019
this is my first time to enroll in any online website. looking forward for more winnings.
New member
By Estefan on 24 July 2019
Looking foward to learning more from you. Its a great priveldge. Thanks
By kefdvents on 22 July 2019
Never been in doubt about the quality here. Your analysis of football games are just spot on. Looking forward already to an eventful time.
I am here finally
By manmoney625 on 21 July 2019
I am here finally. Looking forward to a better gaming future
By grace2007 on 11 July 2019
I'm now in the platinum and looking forward to more winnings.
By Drayz on 9 July 2019
this my first month as platinum member here, i hope and believe that it will work in accordance for me. game yesterday and it work, that is what really make me have interest, Thanks
By Destiny Eyikimi
By spencerdestiny1984 on 4 July 2019
this my first month as platinum member here, i hope and believe that it will work in accordance for me.and i observe one lithuana game yesterday and it work, that is what really make me have interest, Thanks
Expecting good tips according to reviews
By charles33 on 3 July 2019
This is my first time subscription in soccer punter expecting good tips.
Hi, thanks you
By papishoup on 25 June 2019
This my first month as platinum. I hope I will enjoy your services. Thanks!
thank you soccerpunter
By Uwanjy1 on 14 June 2019
hello guys! i"am happy to be here. because it"s true site that i have never see before.they give us good statistics good odds and beautiful news of both team. i call up on all those who doesn't purchase for platinum member this is your time to change your way of losing money. this is right place.thank you so much.
Winning always
By yankee747 on 5 June 2019
Im glad to be a customer. Because i know winning is sure
Enjoying the services
By Kamaldeen2 on 4 June 2019
I enjoying the site more so far, I hope I start winning more than i invested.
#Best Site in Sport Betting
By pknjuru on 4 June 2019
Proud to be part of this awesome family where there is fun and entertainment.
Good work soccer punter
By vincentngetich0 on 29 May 2019
Thanks people for your kindness,I love the way you work as team.
Good people hot punters
By Chiabuam on 22 May 2019
You guys rock!!being here has been guys are the best.
By lordtiger on 20 May 2019
Havent been having much luck. Hoping to win with the predictions and analysis from platinum
Soccer Punter good work
By Richardjay01 on 10 May 2019
Just joined won my first bets been googling all sorts of punting before, and mostly lost lots of money.
Pray i will be good in predicting and also winning too
By EmmyTee on 2 May 2019
Looking forward to become successful through the help of soccer punter!!.
By ABDULG12 on 1 May 2019
first timer on this subscribtion
By Henzzlle24 on 29 April 2019
i just subscribe into platinum membership, i believe i will be successful through this. i have been hearing good success stories and i believe also that i will testify here or else were.
Bilgilendirici ve Kazan?yorum daha ne olsun :)
By alex70 on 24 April 2019
Bence mükemmel iyiki,üyeli?imi yenilemi?im te?ekkürler soccerpunter
First Time as a Platinum Member
By henrymoses on 17 April 2019
This is my first time of joining Soccer Punter as a Platinum member and i'm hoping to make it big like friends i've found here.
First TImer
By Amir99 on 16 April 2019
This is my first time to subscribe, i hope i am going to like and enjoy it here.
Awesome service
By JAYBEE77 on 13 April 2019
Thank you for platinum membership have seen every body putting an appreciation feedback and am looking forward to put mine very soon.
Awesome service
By patty6339 on 13 April 2019
Platinum membership has made it possible for me to benefit from alerts on potential match fixes and i have made my investments more cautiously. Highly recommended
Very educative
By Arawa on 11 April 2019
Well am not regretting been part of this platform, this is very educative
By jerubbabel99 on 7 April 2019
I feel so blessed to be on this platform and hopefully I will progress to VIP, thank you soccerpunters keep up with the good work.
By aduscobad on 3 April 2019
great opportunity.Now here on platinum subscriptions, lets see how it goes
Birthday Discount
By mckend001 on 2 April 2019
Now here on platinum subscriptions, lets see how it goes
Amazing site
By Peter121 on 1 April 2019
I am so grateful to be be a platinum member for the first time.Their services are amazing.Thanks soccerpunter.Sky is the limit.
amazing service
By pradissen on 1 April 2019
nice to be first for the month of March, proud to be the first Mauritian to win this tipsters competition.
keep it up.
By Renyamztt on 30 March 2019
soccer punter is more than the other tipsters which I have been using,though I registered yesterday,I have seen some changes,let me get used to it to know it properly.keep it up.
By nobiz on 30 March 2019
Alright thanks am happy to be here too would always do best
I want to be one of WAOO peoples
By jewooe on 27 March 2019
Its good to be here again I have been registered since 2017 and I didn't have the confirmation in my mail box until I check back yesterday I just play 2 bet yesterday and I won those game that's why I subscribe for Platinum maybe I can get more for my winning way. If its successful I will be glad to subscribe for 365days betting.
wow!! site
By leakeymd on 26 March 2019
Am just a fast timer but the comment am seeing they're wow!! waiting to be among the wow!!
Excellent .
By Rashbuk on 25 March 2019
Speechless,all I can say is that you people are just excellent, awesome and great.u making my days smile.
By ryanmilford24 on 21 March 2019
Amazing service everyone who wants to win money needs to join this
Just won
By yahylrotich on 19 March 2019
SoccerPunter is where everyone who need to win should be...
By Ka23129 on 16 March 2019
Very nice and amazing platform...My subscription remain sacrosanct.
Simply Amazing
By Shyffy on 15 March 2019
I always suck at soccer betting. This platform changed my story.
Great site
By mamaivan on 9 March 2019
Am glad to have joined this site. Learning from the best, and also getting to improve on my betting.
the best site so far
By carlos2016 on 4 March 2019
This is the best site sofar it was my first time in premier member love it
A Returned Punter
By Dtique on 1 March 2019
Took a break from soccer punting , back into punting mode. Decided to sign up with Soccer Punter again. I like their Analysis and detailed H2H records. Will continue to support
i lyk this
By 0705383509smk on 1 March 2019
is my first time to subscribe for platinum so am happy because i lost more more to other tipster
Once a punter always a punter!
By lexmaine on 28 February 2019
Soccerpunter just makes it easier for one to analyze the matches. It takes all the confusion away and makes gambling fun as well as profitable. It feels great to back here while luking forward to interact with fellow tipsters and punters.
By Emily2019 on 21 February 2019
Newbie in football analysis. Hoping to learn and also make profit.
Getting to learn about footbal analysis
By Shemo on 17 February 2019
Am still learning how to analyze football.
The journey with a thousand miles starts with one step by joining platinum membership
I love This
By hexoli on 16 February 2019
It?s My First Time To Subscribe For Platinum Subscription! Am Happy To Be Here
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There is good and reliable data here. Great for analysis of past odds movements.
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Great Statistics for great analysis. Its good to have a platform where a proper analysis can be carried out with such details.
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Great website..I have won a lot by checking ppls tips..
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I like the stats, very detailed.Wish that the lay out would change of how stats are viewed
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Nice tips of every tipster. Take a lot of them to win.
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