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Every game imaginable is on here
I really like the real-time live odds. They make watching a game interesting. The Soccer tips are top notch here at SoccerPunter and there is never a dry day.
This site provides very detailed information for each game around the world. What more could you ask more?
Soccerpunter is great and saves you time,any amateur guy can make money from it,kudos to all punters that are putting more effort
Soccer Punter is different
Soccer Punter is clearly not as other prediction sites. I find easily what I am looking for from both to score and correct score market . Big odds most of time are rewarding on long term on Tipster competition .Grateful for their great services.
Soccer Punter is the best
Soccer Punter gives me a great opportunity to put my football score prediction to test.It doesn't pose any difficulty in understanding and handling the process.
Good site
Soccer punter is a very good site because one is able to get knowledge and increase skills on betting
So amazing website
SoccerPunter Online website Never seen before.the fact is that if you want to see h2h results you get it right away. soccerpunter my favourite site ever
Wow. What a privilege to be amongst the best of the best around the world. Am honoured to be here to share experience and knowledge.
Transparent Competition
Gambling is addictive and it takes the best mind to get every match right. A tipster on Soccerpunter has a chance to display their skills with options of expertise; one is free to select matches that suit them from a list. Results are free of discrepancies. Competitions are fair and Soccerpunter thrives to keep individuals' results private and confidential. One is able to review their statements at any time and this grants competitors an opportunity to make thorough decisions on their next picks to enhance better ratings and trust from followers
Best of the Best
Soccer punter very good and exciting platform which provide u very good prediction and a hard competition.Thanks for the good work
It's awesome. Free play, great reward if predictions jell. Love it.
Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.
soccerpunter experience
it was great fun and as well a rich experience . it helps to beat the bookies
Soccerpunter is like training school you train for free.since i joined soccerpunter i have realy developed skills in betting and in request to fellow tipsters is to please keep on competing and never give up you might find yourself competing with the bookmakers in real money.
I found a good competition and web site. But the options and matches should be increased. Because very few.

They designed this place as no deposit site, everything would be perfect. We can put our expertise to an amazing experience without investing any money.
This platform has given me a competitive field for which I can exercise my skill against many punters. This empowers me on decisions to call. It's a fairly fun endeavor. Kudos soccer punter.
when i review soccerpunter in two month i see 99% is guys come & join soccerpunter. soon very soon i will subscribe plantinum or vip . thax soccerpunter
Time to be right
Thanks for giving me opportunity to be a pundit. I hope to be approached in future as a professional career
Yeah I was thinking is best place to get new ideas to know more about betting in various soccer game around the world.
I took it as a hobby.
I took it as a hobby and i likes to participate in the competition, to know the level of my predictions.
Best among the other site.
You people predict very well, and head to head analyst is the best.
Many benefits and offer.
God will give you guys the strength to continue this is my first time using this soccerpunter I love it I will keep using it
First I will like to thank the staff for creating the tipsters competition.
1.As an individual it helps me to gain knowledge to research on a game hence my probability to win betting is higher.
2.Also it helps me to avoid getting addicted in betting hence save my money.
i can't regret participating in Tipster Competition
i have been betting and loosing most of my multi-bets, little did i know that i lacked experience and patience on picking the winning tips.
since i joined Tipster Competition i have started improving on my selections.
watch this space for more!
This is the platform to upgrade my betting skills to international level. I can grade myself globally.
Best betting website
By far the best betting website, you get virtual money and get all odds, options of a normal betsite, get rewarded for topping the charts, great to use if you're struggling with betting addiction
Best betting tips
Soccer punter is the best application for betting tips and people are winning week on week out and the predictors are doing a great job its good because you are assured of winning
I am good to go
This seem to be the best of its kind. Can believe I will be rewarded without paying a penny. Thank you soccer punter.
Soccer Analyst
I love analyzing football, i came across soccer punter on 13th September 2021 so i started participating in the Tipster Competition, you guys can check my ranking in one day.
Insightful And Engaging!
I have always looked for a platform where I can get better at my punting skills which have since been wearing off.

I am particularly excited that I STUMBLED across SoccerPunter some days ago and I immediately re-ignited my passion by registering on the platform as a Tipster. Though my first 5 picks didn't go as planned, the result only proved to me that I can be better. I will continue to hone my punting skills using this platform till I become the "go-to tipster in Africa"!
This will generally help me upscale and raise more funds for myself ultimately.

From the time i joined this platform, have learnt to control my stakes , Made friendships and came to be ranked in the top 10 predictors which gave me more courage to do more research on what i predict day to day. Am now committed and needs to keep my performance month to month.
They are definitely one of the most reliable football prediction websites in the world, They offer predictions on the top leagues around the world and they follow it up with their vast data on teams
Sure prediction from members
Used to play and it was awesome experience, giving more tips which can make one to be number one tipster in the world
Good For Prediction
Nice site to drop your predictions and also see what others think about a certain game
The best alternative to betting
It has been a fun experience, betting in my favorite soccer matches, without risking money and making money at the same time.
Since I have been using soccer punter I have gained alot of confidence picking teams I would never pick it is the best sports soccer site out there. THANK YOU soccer punter
Nice platform.
A nice platform to review matches possible outcome.
sure win no chance of lossing
am a professional I analysis the game before playing it
thank for giving me the privilege to be among the competition tipster am happy and glad thank u once again
Soccerpunter! Home for All Winning Bettors
I call this site "the betting academy". The very first place to be before enlisting in any betting company. The juicy part is the over whelming sight of free 1,000,000 upon opening registering in this bettors grooming site!
The Dreamer Pro Tipster
I have always dreamt of being a professional Tipster. I am a trained data scientist and I love the game of football. Taking part in the Tipster competition is a great opportunity for me to showcase my detailed knowledge of the game backed up by statistical models absolutely risk-free and also stand a chance to be a professional Tipster. It's a deal definitely worth trying.
Free bets
What is unique about this platform that you can solve your gambling issues by betting and taking risks that makes your adrenaline high without loosing your real money.
Good site
I have been a member of of soccerpunter since 2015, that is 6 years now, first I started by using the site to analyze games, which helped me in a long way in winning games, and I can tell u vividly that to help me everyday to analyze and win thanks so much for this site
Soccer punter experience
When I started gamble especially wagering on sports bookies, I lost a lot of money. I at one time suffered depression. But when a friend introduced me to soccer punter website. I have been. Their match reviews, head to head analysis is the best you can get.
Hello team Soccer punter!
The soccerprunter is a platform that is helping me to have confidence in soccer predictions.
I use to predict on different platform but this is the best.
Thank you
Soccer punter is so much fun. I get a lot of gaming knowledge from here. It makes me bet without any fear of losing.
Soccer 'power' punter
Still remains the best of the best. Been a member since 2017 and I haven't for once regretted I joined this platform. Kudos S.P
soccerpunter has the best site where tipsters predict the outcome of a game, the tipsters competition is very interesting especially the ranking of the top tipsters which eventually encourage everyone to work hard and get to the top. the most exciting area of soccerpunter is the virtual credit given out to all tipsters to predict the outcome of the game, am very happy for this opportunity, great thanks to soccerpunter and its members for this interesting initiative.
Viva Soccer Punter?
Thank You Soccer Punter
I love soccer punter platform, helps me be discipline, risk manage virtual money as real and promotes healthy competition from other gamblers. Also helps gamblers to know other bet types with value bets.
Better life-changing opportunity
Soccerpunter is the best site that have change my betting life experience from negative to positive one. I love soccerpunter because it show me how to minimize my lose in betting.
Sure win
Thanks to soccer punter platinum,its my biggest win since I started this business of betting. Am yet to discover a lot of skills..this is an efficient site to deal with..
strive to be the best
The Competition is overall an amazing experience and it encourages competition for better rankings among the members.
Soccerpunter the best tipster competition so far
On over all the tipster competiton is one of its kind and on top of it, it allows you to earn and interact with other tipsters.
No sites like soccerpunter
I will never forget friday 10:45 PM July 26 2016 when I visited soccerpunter site I thought it was a joke about their h2h the strategic I used that I could remember selecting favorite that had excellent h2h records guess what the bookmakers of my country pay me the sum of 3k United states dollar . This is why before I bet I need to visit my soccerpunter site first.
The best to ever happen to this world is sport and being part of it is also one of the greatest thing of all now soccer punter now brings the offer to the table for free isn't that amazing .... Lets have some fun together....
Tipster Competition reforms a Person
This free tipster competition can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in your picks without touching hard earned cash.

For example, which leagues to avoid, and whether you are good at under/over pick, double chance, or other kinds of picks
Refreshing platform
Soccer punter have that comfort in exploring and inform more about the relevant games and so educate it's members ,hence saves time in all about betting
Nice tips site
Since I have join tipstar competition, I can say that I have no regret. It has saved me money I would have lost if I'd been playing with real money as I have now seen that some matches are unpredictable. Therefore I have become wiser in choosing games. I want to say thank you to soccerpunter.
Soccer punter Your simply the best
Gambling is something that no person who has love for football can run away from. It's something which brings the game alive. I myself I'm a gambler and can hardly go a day without betting, well not all days r Sundays so I sometimes win n lose and end up losing money almost everyday. But thanks to soccer punter I'm able to bet everyday while gaining experience with zero risk. You guys r the best there is n kudos.
The best predictions site
I've always been a member of SoccerPunter and love the way they do their soccer analysis.
I want to be among the top predictors on this site too.
The best punters competition.
The experience is so good,sharing thoughts about matches and being rewarded for that is the best feeling ever
Thanks for the beast site
Thank to my be foiverius site allocation where I could find all game and true competition between of them, I will be grateful in this section with good product,thank to be a part of site.
soccer punter is simply the best
It the best to predict games on because of their comprehensively compiled data base for their head to head and previous football encounters. It is also very simple to use and for some that have financial issues it free. To crown it all u get to meet professional tipsters and to know their thought on a game before you stake on them
Best of the best
Clean work best prediction time we'll delivered in short soccerpunter work on quality not quantity I love u guys
Very amazing application never seen before and I will participate effectively.
Love Soccer Punter
Soccer Punter gives me chance to play and gauge my punting skills as i can play high risk selection without fear of losing my betting stake allowing me to analyze odds movements selections. It basically helps me become a better punter by teaching me which selections to avoid and which leagues to place my bet on. Some of the leagues out there are crazy and uncertain despite all statistics to the contrary. Its great in Short
Five stars for soccer punter
I sincerely give kudos to soccer punter for making me practising and playing betting without loosing my money.
And i even stand the chance to win and get an upgrade.
Thanks much
I love this site especially the tipsters competition is very nice I recommend everybody to join
Football over views
Tipster competition helps me a lot in mastering different league performance in 1x2,gg and over market across the globe
This is an escape
Gambling is addictive and can make one lose a lot of money and misplace priorities. When I gamble I can't shake a nagging sense of guilt that am miss appropriating my finances. This is where you can run wild with gambling without fear or guilt.
Check your games
The most important thing when you select your games you have to check h2h and the previous results
Outstanding gaming site
Soccerpunter is such a great sincere platform, because I never believed it is such a real genuine prediction site that a member will be able to participate without paying any amount and get a reasonable reward if perform well.
Cool my mind
The platform itself don't consume alot of don't have add .since placing bet is free it cools my head and relax my body becouse I don't loss real money even if I loses.i love this.hope you can upgrade me to platform or vip so that I can access 100 percentage win
My Experience with Soccerpunter
It's more of a Fun and interactive with learning opportunity in terms of enhancing my Prediction ability into a more responsible capacity. With Thanks.
Soccer Punter is the way forward
It is a beautiful platform to upgrade your skills and knowledge on predicting accurate football scores,I love this place and would bring my friends to enjoy this great platform.
Finally I made it
High time I participate in this wonderful platform, since 2015 I joined, finally I made it.
the competition has helped me know my luck in sport trading
Tipstar competition
Being a competition I'm here for a win ,and for the monthly goodies that come with it let the games begin
This is the best competition ever
It helps me in becoming a very professional analyst and it brings me closer to football
Winner account
Since i joined tipstar have learned alot and it has helped me on how to control my addiction on betting.Have developed more hunger to be winner each day
Much Appreciated
The way to develop the best that is in a person is by giving opportunity and encouragement.
Thanks to soccerPunter for this great measure chance to become not just ordinary tipster but tipswizard.
reasons for tipster competition
It good give chance to predict and also winning ways in football
ahorra tiempo
se ajusta a mis preferencia y me ahorra tiempo un monton!!!
It's been amazing being here
Soccer punter competition has supported to identify with my hidden abilities & also to compare mine with other participants in our abilities given to us by our maker (God).
Tipsters hub
It's a great opportunity to compete with other betting brains and at the end of the day emerge as the best!
You highlight some of the best leagues in the world, with good odds and analysis, the best part is the progress where you can view your tipster page and see the progress for a month.... it allows you to make the best possible predictions in a day and be ranked. you can also view members best and their progress which gives you their tips for a broader view of what they are good at i.e btts or un 2.5
I'm testing my betting knowledge , it makes me believe in my teams
Best place
It's a nice place to practice without losing real money. Thanks for providing this great platform.
The Best Among the Rest....
Soccer Punter is the best among the rest in terms of easy features to navigate around,you can never get lost along the way. It enlarges your scope of prediction and makes football predictions very easy through analytical approach. Am happy to be a tipster here, and I recommend soccer Punter for every aspiring tipster out there.
I love tipsters because of their wonderful ideas. I've been following tipster and their bet is 90%assured. But I want to be the leading tipster
Being the best
Anticipating a game is not an easy task, one needs to be at the top of your tips and understanding the current games trend. This platform grows inner and outer knowledge of observing and understanding tips.
Best site for virtual betting
Since 2015 it has been a best site for punters competition without betting with real money
10 star
soccer punter the best the best the best the best best best best
I'm gonna be the best tipster worldwide
I just like gambling and it's my passion. Sincerely I'm an experienced tipster you will like my work I promise
Benefits of Tipster Competition
First and foremost, I would like to thank the committee and staff that came up with the idea of creating the Tipsters Competition.
1) As an individual,It has helped me save my money as I used to place multiple bets in a day,, like any time I had with my phone I would just think of betting,,
2) I now enjoy having plenty of time doing other activities as I don't need to keep on looking at my bets time and again after placing my daily tip.
3)I have gained more knowledge on other types of games as I try to do my research on a game.
4)The competition is also helping me to try and come out of the betting addiction, which I hope I soon will.
For now what I'm hoping for is to someday win the Tipster competition or getting a price for participating.Thank you
Best site ever
You know when it comes to money you just hate spending without gaining any. And sometimes you just spend and spend and nothing happens. And here I finally got a site that allows me to play with virtual money. Its basically stress-free and give you a realistic view of yourself as a punter in the real arena. Thank you to the inventors of this platform it absolutely brilliant.
Why I like tipster competition
Ever since I joined soccerpunter tipster I have improved in the way I analyse football and I feel relaxed knowing that my money is not at stake.
Provides reliable odds
It gives me a platform to compete with other tipsters world wide, giving me courage to work hard and always try to get better and better.
I doesn't matter how many times you fail: If you keep believing, you might catch a fattest fish.
I have had great insight and gained immense knowledge on how to predict outcomes with soccer punter. I have the utmost respect for the people behind it and the steps they are taking to combat gambling addiction and hopefully I could carry on with similar discipline gained when betting on real money.
Best skills improve
I am looking for the site like this .I think here i can improve my betting skills without Waste of money let's see what will happen in future?
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