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Appreciated service
Am having to play without the thought of risking anything monetary.
Great challenge
Tipster competition is like a challenge and opportunity to showcase how good tipster you can be,it helps in going extra miles to deliver good tips and result..I really enjoyed it
using the platform has taught me the concept of stake management and winning from few selections issued on a bet slip be it Single bet or Multibet. Am sure by using this lessons i will be able to make good returns in real bookie betting sites and have the Millions balance in the long run
Good work keeping tab on me soccerpunter
I've been a member since 2016 and after participating a few times I went offline for a couple of years now. The good thing is soccerpunter still keeps tab on me constantly reminding of how important it is for me to comeback online and start benefiting from the good stuff I've been missing out. For me that's dope and am happy to be back to start benefiting. Thank you soccerpunter.
Win Win algorithm.
I am amazed at how one can stake without losing revenue yet have an awesome experience at the same time. Here you get that whole package plus benefits too. Cool.
The best
The best prediction site I have come across, there is nothing like fixed score here wc other sites use in wooing traffic, they give it to you the way it's and allow you to follow your mind.
More experience
I have gain more knowledge about betting, thanks you soccer punter for giving me this opportunity
Very interesting
Best experience with this site soccer punter is also helped me to win my bets thanks
New on the game
This is a great platform to express and display my prediction of which and i think will turn to real money
Its fun and exciting site for punters. I have been following this site since 2017 and it has increase my knowledge of betting soccer. It has it all, the stats of every team you wish to know. Thanks for quality information.
Estoy aqui para aprender de los mejores tipster del planeta
Soccerpunter es la mejor plataforma donde se pueden ver a los mejores pronosticadores de futbol y uno como principiante aprende lo mejor de ellos
Why soccerpunter ?
Soccerpunter said gambling is one of the biggest addiction, well that was when we didn't know about tipster competition. Now I was screaming at some point I won. a friend ask how much and I said 60000 on soccerpunter he frowned lol.but I beat the bookies as well. We are punters for the love of the game. SEE YOU AT THE TOP
genuine reasons
Is a pleasure and exciting avenue to be part of what i love as a person,i really wish i had come across this site before now,is also fun and some how i would love to be efficient and beneficial to people that needs sure game which i know i can offer
It's been long but am back fam I missed and I love Soccer Punter cause it gives me that game feeling
sport on
The best prediction site i have come across so far. Wonderful work guys
I love the competition, because it has given me the chance expand my brain on football forecasting.
nice site!
i like this site! thank very much for all tipsters
Predictions with pride
This is just a good place to be, tasking my brain on the right prediction, guy's let do it
Reading the odds
Started 2001 reading the odds given I was fascinated to discover what was behind them eversince I m continuously try hard towards make profit through the year
2021 is my year to win with the tipster competitions
Good place for competitions & match analysis. The UI is simple and easy to navigate.
Honestly, i am very excited to be among of soccerpunter's members, because it help me in many difference ways especially of this covid-19 pandemic period, it has keep me busy, it made me not to feel lonely, the most exciting part of it, is that u can stand a chance to win prizes without losing any money and also help in getting best predictions of games because i love gambling. Sincerely i am happy.
Thanks for this opportunity, hope I win.. I have always been a passionate tipster
The UEFA Punter's League
A bird's-eye view of the worlds infinite betting styles. Pure adrenaline and highly competitive.
soccerpunter the best site in sports predictions
i have gone through other websites but since i came across soccerpunter, i see no sporting site like this site.
The best website for football tips
I Studied and visited several sites, and soccerpunter is undoubtedly the most practical and profitable for soccer. Really like.
Winning might not be guaranteed in sports, but that's exactly what makes us tipsters. We feel happy when we're losing. We found hard to walk away from hot streaks, even harder when we're losing, or when odds are against us. But that's the kind of spirit we need after all. Keep it up.
Tipsters Platform
Tipster competition has been a platform that is helping me hone my prediction skills without the fear of losing cash and on the other hand maybe earn some cash while doing it. this is one of the best platforms for soccer punters who really want to be good at soccer predictions.
Amazing tips platform
I've never seen such an amazing tips platform where you have 90% winning margin. Thanks to the developers of @soccerpunther. And hey guys, the tips here are superb
It worked like a magic
Soccer Punter is more than a punting platform, ability not to lose physical money and also tested and trusted algorithm which makes it easy for win win win plan to retire, plan with succer Punter you will be glad you do.
It's all about winning
Is great idea for everyone here, and very optimistic we will come out victory, wish you guys all the best guys.
great way to show my passion
i see the tipsters competition as a great way to showcase our punting ability and for others to benefit
Nice Football Prediction
I have found love in football game after seeing the analysis here.
Let's do this
You never can know how good you are until you try it. Thanks to Soccer Punter for the opportunity.
First time to be in here
I haven't use this soccerpunter to analysed the games for me before. I'm looking forward to use it to get correct scores.
i love this
i love soccerpunter, since i registered as a member my predicting ability improved.
why l fancy soccer tipstar competition
It has really helped me alot, l was one time a addicted gambler but since l started tipstar competition, l have not only controled how l gamble. l have learned how to gamble with brain and gain. Thanks tipster competition for everything.
Thanks to the platform
Soccerpunter has the best features to both train and advance the low risk stakers. I love the confidence that am beginning to gain out of this. I feel like am in the best of any other platform I would have gotten. Thanks a lot.
I love the tipster competition
Make me to do more research on teams and analyse them well
Soccerpunter is the best site I have met so far, that has taught me many tactics of predictions, from my fellow punters, and Have learnt to be steady in these predictions, What I would like to advice my fellow competitors, is that, never give up, and never repeat a mistake you already encountered in these predictions.
Good platform
It makes betting easier and fun.... with the experience gathered here I can make wise decision about games.
Best platform
Very nice platform with wonderful winning streak. Since I joined, my predicting experience has tremendously improved
Tipsters competition
I feel so real , having known that I would definitely upgrade in my statistical predictions.
It's just be excited by meeting with many pundits from different countries with opinion of match of the day
Soccer punter
This page really help my forecast and also make my prediction improved through various challenges by different tipsters
The best soccer site i have ever seen, i was always lagging behind when it comes to betting without fear but ever since i joined soccerpunter, my betting morale has increased. All thanks to soccerpunter!!!!!!
I love soccerpunter because it makes me bet without fear of losing money and it also helps me overcome gambling, I really love soccerpunter. I'm glad I found out this site. Kudos to whoever made this site
soccerpunter has the best site where tipsters predict the outcome of a game, the tipsters competition is very interesting especially the ranking of the top tipsters which eventually encourage everyone to work hard and get to the top. the most exciting area of soccerpunter is the virtual credit given out to all tipsters to predict the outcome of the game, am very happy for this opportunity, great thanks to soccerpunter and its members for this interesting initiative.
The best of the bests
Soccerpunter is the best soccer predictions site I have ever visited. Their rewards are just amazing. Never seen any site that does what soccer punter does. I recommend soccerpunter to everyone who wants to be a punter and they will help you bring out the best in you.
Since I opened my account with Soccerpunter, I have increased my betting experience tremendously. Thanks soccerpunter team.
You deserve 100 stars not just five..
I had always seen this website, today I decided to check a H2H statistics through it. Guess what! I fell in love with everything I was reading and following. With you I am already a star. Congratulations.
God sent site.
Oh my this site is God sent, it helped me to kill my betting urge especially when am broke.
Benefits of soccer punter
Soccer punter is the best site so far that can generate income for you without paying anything . It has changed my life by helping me to predict my own games and also give it to others to stake and win . I know for their good work , God will bless them .
Great opportunity
SoccerPunter has been an opportunity where I realize my prediction level. I just like the fact that there is no risk and no money to compete, can I be a good manager well let see. Smile
I have just joined in and trying to test my ability to play fairly!!
The best of the best
Really it's a new best experience for me and a great challenge
Best sports analyst site
Since joining soccerpunter website back in 2017 i've never regretted being a soccer fan and i hope they could extend to basketball also.
Just here to compete with the best, share ideas, learn new things and be the best i can. Thanks soccerpunter.
Addiction without cost
Win fame and satisfaction without losing real buckaroos
Soccerpunter made easy
I have explore a lots of gambling sites and channels but Soccerpunter made it easy especially the visual account that you've to test your skills without losing real money
Cool in betting
Highly motivating in betting, quite cool and perfect, I have every confidence to refer a friend in terms of betting tips.
I have new skills to apply,hoping for the best results round
Great platform
A platform to showcase great skills .this is my first time and I am looking forward to give great tips
Job well done!
It's a great pleasure to be here,VN Soccer Punter® excellent services and reliable source for all sports. I like your consistent and passion about football. Thank you
Knowledge base for analysing sports
Great in terms of building experience in analysing football games and gives a big chance to members to try their logics of betting. You deserve five stars .
My priority
This is my first time here, I have been looking for a tipster like this but here I'm now is like a dream come true.
I hope my prediction help others to earn!
this is a great opportunity to enjoy gambling without the fear of losing money. The tipster competition ranking also provides a nice extra challenge.
For the past few months I having been using this site, I think it's awesome so I would give it a 5 star for your great work.
Wisdom and experiences of the record
This is the best way to pick the best games for ourselves to bet and win with no risk .
betting as a profession
Betting can be fun but still you can make it a profession. Most professional betters have set rules that enable them win regularly on their bets. For instance their are high chances that one will win frequently by only selecting few teams to bet on. For instance a bet with two games is most likely to win compared to a accumulator with five games. Continue following me for more.
Soccer Punter simply the best.
Easier to use, comprehensive market options and above all truthful. I enjoy 100%.
Best Sport Predictions website
I can't find any better website to compare with soccerpunter. It will change your perception about Betting. Then you'll realize that betting can be a way to livelihood and not gambling as popularly thought.
This competition has given me a platform to upgrade my passion as well as refining my skills for predicting the outcomes of football matches. The ability to weigh my risks and my bets in a bid to ensure a consistent winning run in my predictions.
I love football and I love the fact that this platform allows me to do something I enjoy very much safely and wisely.
I want to thank u all, for this beautiful opportunity. Am so excited, this platform help me to forget about going to a betting shop to place a bet, bcus all I believe is that betting is just for fun!... I have nothing much to say, thanks for the opportunity.
This is a great chance to improve on my predictions which consequently Will reduce my risks in betting. I thank tipsters competition for this opportunity.
Fresh prediction insight
Tipster competition is very good as it helps one to predict an outcome of a game against an opponent or a fellow tipster.
Soccer punter has done much for providing tipster rating which would spur one's drive to predict more correctly.
I love soccerpunter and I will introduce it to my friend and family
Best of the best
I'm here to showcase my skills in football betting, very grateful to join this amazing platform
Free & Get rewards
The contest is completely free and has the opportunity to receive rewards again. I like so much.
The contest allows me to try my ability to predict the outcome of the matches while watching it live, making it more enjoyable to watch. And you will be happy to know that your prediction is correct.
SoccerPunter is the best platform to know about all the skills needed to become a professional tipster. Since joining I have really learnt great betting skills.
So helpful
Since I have join tipstar competition, I can say that I have no regret. It has saved me money I would have lost if I'd been playing with real money as I have now seen that some matches are unpredictable. Therefore I have become wiser in choosing games. I want to say thank you to soccerpunter.
The site that makes soccer prediction easier
This is by far the best soccer prediction site that I know. It gives you several options like head to head, previous matches etc to use in analysing your soccer prediction and as a result making it easier to predict your matches.
Tipster Competition
It all fun and great to chat with other tipster. Has totally Improved my prediction
Best prediction site
I have followed soccerpunter betting predictions since i started betting 5 years ago.They are the best amongst the rest.Kudos Team soccerpunter
It is hard to believe but you are the only website that l know of, that provides a complete insight in all football activities, which greatly helps us football lovers with making some cash as well. Besides that, we can learn from our mistakes too, but also have so much fun. I truly respect this website and its features, because I don't know of a better one. Thank you Soccerpunter.
It gives me exercise to know more about my knowledge and brain understanding with assimilation in sports.
Iam glad and happy to be here at soccerpunter, i have been losing alot of money from other prediction sites but since i joined soccerpunter, i can afford a smile because my life took another turn.Bravo!
Not as easy as ABC
Platform is easy to understand. What makes this competition hard is that the competitors are really good.
Being the best!
I want to become one of the best tipsters in the world, the reason am teaming up with the best platform to provide quality statistics and analysis of the game
why SoccerPunter?
You have that perfect strategy to win some money from bookies but you're worried about trimming the edges smooth?? Dont worry, SoccerPunter gives you enough virtual money for that, and lots of features to make trimming your punditing skills perfect and smoother. Why don't you sign up too?
Best soccer tool for handicapping
SoccerPunter has make me a better handicapper. I am so happy.
Sharpen your tips
It is not easy become a tipster, you need place to learn, here you can learn by practicing and experiencing real bets without losing money and also need time to strengthen your instinct, you spend more time to's become easier to predict without analysis
Build confidence
Best site with the coolest h2h, easy site to operate and has the Best tipsters
User friendly platform
Soccer punter is my last bus stop! I introduced my friends to sign up here, they did. Now, I'm being appreciated everyday!
Starting on a path is just one pre requisite to greatness. Consistency takes you there finally.I have been on and off the path of football prediction due to skepticism. But after much study on soccerpunter site. I am certain to become consistent. I am sure of harnessing and showcasing my skills in football prediction soonest.
Why I love tipster competition
Having been a tipster for over a decade, i have found out that emotions is one single strong factor that has cost many Tipsters their success, in terms of choices they make during the selection. Soccer Punter gives me that relaxed mind knowing that my money is not at stake. I just do it for passion sake. Matthew
Tipstering Genuinely and Benefiting with Integrity
My name is Joshua, and as a great tipster, I do not only benefit by wining prizes but also benefit greatly by the acquisition of endowed knowledge in making critical and analytical precisions in order to achieve an accurate result and that goes a long way helping me in my personal career prospects.
Happy full joy
To meet other people who like bets and share different ideas about bet football
The best
This is the best site to make you the best punter ever, with the real-life odds and perfect betting simulation enabling you to improve your prediction ability aided by their h2h analysis. Soccerpunter is just an amazing and A+ prediction site.
I never knew details predictions until I sign to soccer punter,here is accurate, reliable,comfortable and rewarding. good Job!
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