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You can check Europe soccer competitions current and past seasons results. It includes football data containing H2H stats, league tables, goalscorers, yellow/red cards, team home and away results.

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Year 2016
European Championship 2016 France
UEFA U17 Championship 2017 Croatia
UEFA U17 Championship Women 2017 Czech Republic
UEFA U19 Championship 2017 Georgia
UEFA U19 Championship Women 2017 Northern Ireland
WC Qualification Europe 2018 Russia
Year 2015
UEFA Champions League 2015/2016
UEFA Europa League 2015/2016
UEFA Super Cup 2015/2016
UEFA U17 Championship 2016 Azerbaijan
UEFA U17 Championship Women 2016 Belarus
UEFA U19 Championship 2016 Germany
UEFA U19 Championship Women 2016 Slovakia
UEFA U21 Championship 2017 Poland
UEFA Women's Champions League 2015/2016
UEFA Women's Championship 2017 Netherlands
UEFA Youth League 2015/2016
Year 2014
Baltic Cup 2014 Latvia
BeNe League 2014/2015
EC Qualification 2016 France
Setanta Cup 2014
UEFA Champions League 2014/2015
UEFA Europa League 2014/2015
UEFA Super Cup 2014/2015
UEFA U17 Championship 2015 Bulgaria
UEFA U17 Championship Women 2015 Iceland
UEFA U19 Championship 2015 Greece
UEFA U19 Championship Women 2015 Israel
UEFA Women's Champions League 2014/2015
UEFA Youth League 2014/2015
Year 2013
BeNe League 2013/2014
Setanta Cup 2013
UEFA Champions League 2013/2014
UEFA Europa League 2013/2014
UEFA Super Cup 2013/2014
UEFA U17 Championship 2014 Malta
UEFA U17 Championship Women 2014 England
UEFA U19 Championship 2014 Hungary
UEFA U19 Championship Women 2014 Norway
UEFA U21 Championship 2015 Czech Republic
UEFA Women's Champions League 2013/2014
UEFA Youth League 2013/2014
Women's WC Qualification Europe 2015 Canada
Year 2012
Baltic Cup 2012 Estonia
BeNe League 2012/2013
BeNe Women's Super Cup 2012/2013
European Championship 2012 Poland/Ukraine
Setanta Cup 2012
UEFA Champions League 2012/2013
UEFA Europa League 2012/2013
UEFA Super Cup 2012/2013
UEFA U17 Championship 2013 Slovakia
UEFA U17 Championship Women 2013 Switzerland
UEFA U19 Championship 2013 Lithuania
UEFA U19 Championship Women 2013 Wales
UEFA Women's Champions League 2012/2013
WC Qualification Europe 2014 Brazil
Year 2011
Baltic Champions Cup 2011
BeNe Women's Super Cup 2011/2012
Nations Cup 2011
Setanta Cup 2011
UEFA Champions League 2011/2012
UEFA Europa League 2011/2012
UEFA Super Cup 2011/2012
UEFA U17 Championship 2012 Slovenia
UEFA U17 Championship Women 2012 Switzerland
UEFA U19 Championship 2012 Estonia
UEFA U19 Championship Women 2012 Turkey
UEFA U21 Championship 2013 Israel
UEFA Women's Champions League 2011/2012
UEFA Women's Championship 2013 Sweden
Year 2010
Baltic Cup 2010 Lithuania
Baltic League 2010/2011
EC Qualification 2012 Poland/Ukraine
UEFA Champions League 2010/2011
UEFA Europa League 2010/2011
UEFA Super Cup 2010/2011
UEFA U17 Championship 2011 Serbia
UEFA U17 Championship Women 2011 Switzerland
UEFA U19 Championship 2011 Romania
UEFA U19 Championship Women 2011 Italy
UEFA Women's Champions League 2010/2011
Year 2009
Baltic League 2009/2010
Setanta Cup 2009/2010
UEFA Champions League 2009/2010
UEFA Europa League 2009/2010
UEFA Super Cup 2009/2010
UEFA U17 Championship 2010 Liechtenstein
UEFA U17 Championship Women 2010 Switzerland
UEFA U19 Championship 2010 France
UEFA U19 Championship Women 2010 FYR Macedonia
UEFA U21 Championship 2011 Denmark
UEFA Women's Champions League 2009/2010
Women's WC Qualification Europe 2011 Germany
Year 2008
Baltic Cup 2008 Latvia
Baltic League 2008
European Championship 2008 Austria/Switzerland
Setanta Cup 2008
UEFA Champions League 2008/2009
UEFA Europa League 2008/2009
UEFA Super Cup 2008/2009
UEFA Women's Champions League 2008/2009
WC Qualification Europe 2010 South Africa
Year 2007
Baltic League 2007
Setanta Cup 2007
UEFA Champions League 2007/2008
UEFA Europa League 2007/2008
UEFA Super Cup 2007/2008
UEFA U21 Championship 2009 Sweden
UEFA Women's Champions League 2007/2008
Year 2006
EC Qualification 2008 Austria/Switzerland
Setanta Cup 2006
UEFA Champions League 2006/2007
UEFA Europa League 2006/2007
UEFA Super Cup 2006/2007
UEFA U21 Championship 2007 Netherlands
UEFA Women's Champions League 2006/2007
Year 2005
Baltic Cup 2005 Lithuania
Setanta Cup 2005
UEFA Champions League 2005/2006
UEFA Europa League 2005/2006
UEFA Super Cup 2005/2006
UEFA Women's Champions League 2005/2006
Women's WC Qualification Europe 2007 China
Year 2004
European Championship 2004 Portugal
UEFA Champions League 2004/2005
UEFA Europa League 2004/2005
UEFA Super Cup 2004/2005
UEFA U21 Championship 2006 Portugal
UEFA Women's Champions League 2004/2005
WC Qualification Europe 2006 Germany
Year 2003
UEFA Champions League 2003/2004
UEFA Europa League 2003/2004
UEFA Super Cup 2003/2004
Year 2002
EC Qualification 2004 Portugal
UEFA Champions League 2002/2003
UEFA Europa League 2002/2003
UEFA Super Cup 2002/2003
Year 2001
UEFA Champions League 2001/2002
UEFA Europa League 2001/2002
UEFA Super Cup 2001/2002
Women's WC Qualification Europe 2003 USA
Year 2000
European Championship 2000 Netherlands/Belgium
UEFA Champions League 2000/2001
UEFA Europa League 2000/2001
UEFA Super Cup 2000/2001
WC Qualification Europe 2002 Korea Rep/Japan
Year 1999
UEFA Super Cup 1999/2000
Year 1998
EC Qualification 2000 Netherlands/Belgium
UEFA Super Cup 1998/1999
Year 1996
European Championship 1996 England
WC Qualification Europe 1998 France
Year 1994
EC Qualification 1996 England
Year 1992
European Championship 1992 Sweden
WC Qualification Europe 1994 USA
Year 1990
EC Qualification 1992 Sweden
Year 1988
European Championship 1988 Germany
WC Qualification Europe 1990 Italy
Year 1986
EC Qualification 1988 Germany
Year 1984
European Championship 1984 France
WC Qualification Europe 1986 Mexico
Year 1982
EC Qualification 1984 France
Year 1980
European Championship 1980 Italy
WC Qualification Europe 1982 Spain
Year 1978
EC Qualification 1980 Italy
Year 1976
European Championship 1976 Yugoslavia
WC Qualification Europe 1978 Argentina
Year 1974
EC Qualification 1976 Yugoslavia
Year 1972
European Championship 1972 Belgium
Year 1971
WC Qualification Europe 1974 Germany
Year 1970
EC Qualification 1972 Belgium
Year 1968
European Championship 1968 Italy
WC Qualification Europe 1970 Mexico
Year 1966
EC Qualification 1968 Italy
Year 1964
European Championship 1964 Spain
WC Qualification Europe 1966 England
Year 1962
EC Qualification 1964 Spain
Year 1960
European Championship 1960 France
WC Qualification Europe 1962 Chile
Year 1958
EC Qualification 1960 France
Year 1956
WC Qualification Europe 1958 Sweden
Year 1953
WC Qualification Europe 1954 Switzerland
Year 1937
WC Qualification Europe 1938 France
Year 1933
WC Qualification Europe 1934 Italy
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